Book of Bantorra Part 2 DVD | Anime | Region 4

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“Librarians at War: The Book of Bantorra”

In a world where the dead are transformed into books…

When a person dies, the body is divested of the soul, and when the soul departs from its body, it is crystallized into a book. Written in that book are all the memories of that soul’s life. For anyone who touches that book, the dead person’s past can be relived….

It is in the Library of Bantorra, crated by Bantorra, the God of the Past, that all excavated books are stored. It is run by an elite organization known as the Armed Librarians. Under the direction of Acting Chief Librarian Hamutz Meseta, all Armed Librarians possess an extraordinary combination of encyclopedic knowledge and fighting skill. For this reason, it is said, the Armed Librarians are the most difficult profession to enter in the world.

Then one day a religious society known as the Shindeki Kyoudan make their appearance. Preaching their doctrine of absolute desire, it remains to be seen what it is they truly want….

Actors: Yuichi Nakamura, Miyu Irino, Akira Ishida, Shelley Calene-Black

Minutes: 325

Format: DVD Region 4

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Region 4


Yuichi Nakamura, Miyu Irino, Akira Ishida, Shelley Calene-Black


Toshiya Shinohara


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