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Forget the blah and bring on the blitz with Denise Austin’s extreme cardio cross-training workout, Sculpt and Burn Body Blitz!

Kick those calories and banish fat with four fun and kick-butt workouts that feature the very best training methods to sculpt lean muscle in all the right areas: Mixed Martial Arts, Athletic Conditioning, Kettlebell-Inspired and Cardio Sculpt. Each high-intensity workout combines powerful moves so you can dramatically reshape the body in just 30 days!

Warm-Up (5 min.): Ignite your metabolism and condition your muscles from every angle with athletic moves that get your body ready to burn.

Mixed Martial Arts (10 min.): Jab the flab and chisel a champion physique with explosive kickboxing moves, power jacks, ab-blasting twists and more.

Kettlebell-Inspired (10 min.): Swing, chop and twist your way to a trim and toned body using a single weight and controlled momentum for amazing results.

Cardio Sculpt (10 min.): Double your burn with dynamic combo moves that integrate cardio and strength training to blast several muscle groups at once for a total-body blitz.

Cooldown (5 min.): Release muscle tension and slowly lower your heart rate with critical stretches that calm the mind and reward the body.

Hand Weights Are Recommended!

Actors: Denise Austin

Minutes: 58

Format: DVD Region 4

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