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EXODUS: The theme is the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being off loaded on Cyprus. An Intelligence officer succeeds in getting them back on board their ship only to have the harbor blocked by the British with whom they must negotiate. The second part of the film is about the situation in Israel as independence is declared and most of their neighbours attack them.

THE YOUNG LIONS: A powerhouse performance from Marlo Brando, as a WWII German soldier whose enthusiasm erodes into bitter disillusionment as he witnesses the horrors of war and the Holocaust. Highlights this exceptional character study from director Edward Dmytryk. Montgomery Clift, Maximilian Schell, Dean Martin and Hope Lange also star.

HANG EM HIGH: A band of vigilantes catch Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) and incorrectly believing him guilty of cattle rustling and murder, hang him and leave him for dead. But he does not die. He returns to his former profession of lawman to hunt down his lynchers and bring them to justice.

Actors: Inger Stevens; Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood

Minutes: 574

Format: DVD Region 4


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