Extreme Fishing With Robson Green Season 4 DVD | Region 4

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Robson Green’s passion for fishing means he’s already fished the entire map. But this time, he’s going further. In this brand new series for Channel Five – he’s fishing off the map as he casts his line at the Ends of the Earth.

In 6 all new episodes, he’s going to places so remote the fish have barely seen a hook. He’ll journey to a remote mid-Atlantic Island only a few miles wide. He’ll set out for the southernmost city on Earth and tackle storm lashed sandbanks in the Argentinean wilderness. He’ll cut through the ice in the frozen wastelands of Far East Russia – and travel nearly 3 times around the world in his quest for extreme fishing. And for Robson – the rewards will prove greater than ever before.

This is Extreme Fishing – At the Ends of the Earth.

Disc 1

Ascension Island
Papua New Guinea

Disc 2

New Caledonia

Actors: Robson Green

Minutes: 352

Format: DVD Region 4


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