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FASCINATION CORAL REEF 3D: Enter the fascinating world of the coral reefs and experience flora and fauna up close and in 3D.

The multitude of marine species, commencing with glassy sweepers, blow- and porcupine fish, goliath groupers, giant morays, sea turtles up to the largest shark on earth, the whale shark, as well as the play of colours and the biodiversity of the corals, stony star corals, soft corals, bubble-tip anemones and gorgonian corals.

Let yourself fall into a rapture of the deep. All in glorious 3D!

FASCINATION CORAL REEF 3D MYSTERIOUS WORLDS UNDERWATER: Often referred to as The Pearls in the Indian Ocean”, the Maldives’ true treasures are to be found beneath the waves: the coral reefs.

See breathtakingly colourful coral forests. Observe turtles searching for food as they swim by. Duck your head as huge swarms of colourful fish take refuge in the numerous caves and crevices. Wonder at the incredible diversity of life on the coral reef – all in glorious 3D!

FASCINATION CORAL REEF 3D HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED: In this 3D adventure we observe sharks on the lookout for the next titbit, and swarms of diverse fish as they make their way through the brightly coloured reef, confusing hungry attackers with their teeming diversity.

Although this continuous struggle sounds barbaric, there is a balance between the hunters and the hunted!

Eat or be eaten… in this world, it’s all about survival!


Minutes: 151

Format: Blu-ray Region Free

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Blu-ray 3D


Region Free


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Rene Schoepfer, Burkhard Neesen


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