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This very exciting series takes us on a trip around the world as we look at classic train layouts.

The great layout series are shot on digital video to guarantee the highest quality visuals and audio and feature in-depth interviews with the layout builders where they demonstrate their techniques and tricks. So let’s get on board and full steam ahead.

DISC 1: LEIGH CREEK: by Geoff Nott, one of Australia’s most talented modellers who has spent over two decades carefully crafting this amazing layout. Leigh Creek is set in the late 40’s early 50’s steam to diesel transition era. The theme is logging and mining in the Great North West of the United States.

Disc 2: Red Stagg Lumber Co.: Set in the 1930s and 1940s logging era on the West Coast of the USA, the Red Stag Lumber company is a 10 metre (30 feet) monster layout, built in nine modules. It’s a freelance branch line built by four of the world’s most talented rail-road modellers.

DISC 3: DORRIGO, DAWLISH AND DOWNS: Take a tour of Bruce Block’s 3 Great Layouts. This sixty minute journey will take us around the world. From the mid North Coast of New South Wales in Australia; to Dawlish, England and finally a short stop at Downs in Southern California.


Minutes: 150

Format: DVD Region Free

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