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When a mysterious groupie joins legendary cursed band, “The Dark Knights”, a series of unexplained murders derails their comeback tour. At their peak The Dark Knights on-stage performances included outrageous and extreme stunts, until one went horribly wrong injuring and killing fans. Although legally exonerated, the band have since been plagued with one catastrophe after the other, giving rise to an urban legend that they are cursed.
Cut to present day and the Knights are now struggling to draw the crowds in on their comeback tour. Desperate to attract any form of publicity, the band and their manager pressure lead singer Travis into repeating the stunt that caused the tragedy. Into this drama appears Riley (Taryn Manning) a beautiful but dangerous girl who will stop at nothing to get what she wants as she seduces her way into the band’s inner circle, displacing senior groupie Nikki. Once again, tragedy strikes for the band when Nikki is found dead and, as mayhem ensues and the body count climbs, it seems that the curse is back!

Actors: Maja Miletich, Betsy Rue, Hal Ozsan, Mitch Ryan, Taryn Manning, Eric Roberts

Minutes: 90

Format: DVD Region Free

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Region Free


Maja Miletich, Betsy Rue, Hal Ozsan, Mitch Ryan, Taryn Manning, Eric Roberts


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