Hustle Series 7 DVD | Region 4

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The gang is back for a seventh exciting series of Hustle. Expect more thrilling, inventive and sophisticated scams as the team get ready to part the greedy from their hard-earned cash.

Master con man Mickey Bricks (Adrian Lester) returns with his team of talented con artists expert fixer Ash three socks Morgan (Robert Glenister), master roper Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) and brother and sister team Sean and Emma Kennedy (Matt Di Angelo and Kelly Adams).

The teams first rule is never to con an honest man; and they have a wealth of greedy adversaries lined up for some of their most audacious cons yet.

This time around there’s a cruel modelling agent who scams young girls out of their cash, an unscrupulous social climber at the helm of a greedy loan firm and an Iranian hard man nicknamed the Dentist.

There are also personal scores to settle and while one member of the team fights to save their family name another finds themselves questioning whether the life of a grifter is really for them.

Tough decisions and plenty of fun abound as the team go head to head with some of the meanest, greediest people society has to offer.

Actors: Kelly Adams, Robert Glenister, Matt Di Angelo, Robert Vaughn, Adrian Lester


Format: DVD Region 4

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Region 4


Kelly Adams, Robert Glenister, Matt Di Angelo, Robert Vaughn, Adrian Lester


Colin Teague, Roger Goldby, John McKay


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