Lego Friends: Getting Out Vote / Get.Message / Grateful Dud DVD | Region 4 & 2

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GETTING OUT THE VOTE: Elect Tanya as Heartlake High Class President?! “NOOOOOOO!! Not if Friends Stephanie, Emma, Olivia, Mia and Andrea can help it. The Friends are there to help their pal Matthew defeat Tanya–even when Emma gets carried off by “Vote for Matthew” balloons! But Tanya Figures since “Daddy” is now the Mayor of Heartlake City, she doesn’t have to play by the rules. When she sneakily sabotages Matthew’s campaign, it’s time for a determined Stephanie to take his place as candidate. With the help of her friends, Stephanie is set on running a clean campaign–that is, until Tanya resorts to more dirty tricks, and Stephanie decides to give Tanya a taste of her own medicine.

GETTING THE MESSAGE: What’s more frightening than a roller coaster? More twisted than a funhouse mirror? A text gone wrong! The Friends’ fun day at Heartlake Amusement Park turns into a frantic race against time when Emma discovers that her innocent text to Mia was sent to Matthew by mistake–a text that accidentally sounds like a pledge of Emma’s undying love for Matthew! Mega-embarrassing! As Emma’s BFF’s, the Friends must scramble to retrieve Matthew’s phone and erase the text before he reads it. But first, they need to brave space rides, dunking booths, an angry brute and worse–the boys locker room!

THE GRATEFUL DUD: At the Country Club where she teaches horseback riding after school, Mia’s heroic rescue of a puppy ad horse earns the overwhelming gratitude of their owner, a brassy teen bulldozer named Fiona. Although Fiona means well, her pushy, over-the-top appreciation soon makes Mia’s life a living nightmare: embarrassing Mia at school, scaring away her boyfriend, and causing major havoc at the Country Club. The Friends must find a way for Mia to escape Fiona’s nonstop gratitude and foil Tanya’s sneaky schemes to get Mia kicked out of the club. And when a Crisis erupts at the club’s Fall Ball and Horse Show, all the Friends have to do some fancy riding to help their BFF save the day.

Actors: Karen Strassman (Voice), Elisa Schnebelie (Voice), Alexa Kahn (Voice), Erin Fitzgerald (Voice)

Minutes: 63

Format: DVD Region 4 & 2


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