Lego Friends Volume 13 & 14 DVD | Region 4

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Keepin’ It Real
The friends hit on an awesome idea to save their webcast: make a rock documentary about Heartlake City’s own mega pop star Livi!
In order to save their ‘What’s at Heart’ webcast from being cancelled, the friends need something spectacular to gain more viewers. The idea – A rock documentary about the life of Heartlake City’s own mega pop star, Livi. But things don’t go quite as smoothly as planned and the girls vow to ‘keep it real’, soon goes down the drain. In no time, their zany antics nearly bring Livi’s career to an end and threaten to split up the friends for ever.

Sleepover’s can be fun, unless they’re with your arch-rival. Just ask Stephanie, when she’s forced to share her room for a week… with Tanya! Worse, her plan to get rid of her unwanted Roomie back fires, injuring Tanya. Stephanie now finds herself guiltily waiting hand and foot on the demanding diva, whose enjoying every minute of it. But when Stephanie begins to suspect that her houseguest is faking the whole thing, the friends ride to her rescue with a brilliant idea to expose Tanya and send her packing.


Minutes: 42

Format: DVD Region 4


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