Medium Complete Collection DVD | Seasons 1-7 | 34 Discs | Region 4

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SEASON 1: Every day Allison Dubois wonders if her psychic power is a gift…or a curse. As a consultant to law enforcement she uses her mind to uncover the dark secrets of vicious killers. The risks to her life are enormous. The strain threatens her family. But how can she refuse to listen when the dead cry out for justice? Experience all the nerve wracking suspense and heart touching drama.

SEASON 2: Her visions get stronger as she works to solve crimes and protect the innocent.

With her unique gift, Allison DuBois can see the future and converse with the dead. This season, her dreams send her on the trail of missing coeds, anti-terrorist agents and serial killers. But her ultimate challenge comes when she confronts an unexpected force…the Angel of Death (Kelsey Grammer). She still sees what others cannot. And her visions only get stronger with time.

SEASON 3: In the hit unreality show starring Patricia Arquette, Allison Dubois is a woman haunted by dreams who helps District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) and detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) by using her mind to uncover the dark secrets of vicious killers.

But this season, other forces threaten her husband Joe (Jake Weber) and oldest daughters Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark). But how can she refuse to listen to the dead when they call out to her in her dreams? Experience all the drama and psychic energy in this 6-disc set, which includes all 21 episodes of Medium: The Third Season!

SEASON 4: Allison’s world is turned upside down when her abilities are revealed to the public. Her boss, Manuel Devalos, is ousted from office and detective Lee Scanlon will not return her calls.

Bus as she and husband Joe also newly unemployed struggle to survive and care for toddler Marie and eldest daughters Ariel and Bridgette, Allison knows one thing her dreams will never fail her!

SEASON 5: This season, a sense of order is restored when Allison returns to work with D.A. Manuel Devalos and detective Lee Scanlon. Plus her husband Joe sets up his own company, funded by a multimillionaire.

But it is Allison’s daughter Ariel more than her younger sister Bridgette who has trouble accepting the gift she inherited from her mother. This season, unsettling visions about school and boys trouble this psychic teen.

SEASON 6: Allison DuBois recovers from brain surgery and returns to work, where she is reunited with DA Manuel Devalos and detective Lee Scanlon. Now their most challenging murder cases to date haunt Allison’s waking life, as well as her dream world.

And while her scientist husband Joe faces his own problems at his new company, daughters Ariel and Bridgette continue to develop their own special gifts that they inherited from their mother.

SEASON 7: For seven years, Allison Dubois has coped with visions of the dead who cry out for justice, while balancing her dream-world with the all-too-real problems of maintaining a career and raising a family. Now, in Medium: The Final Season, her saga reaches its unforgettable conclusion.

As Allison continues to help District Attorney Manuel Devalos solve crimes, she contends with a dark spirit that haunts co-worker Detective Lee Scanlon. But her greatest challenge occurs as an ominous prophecy looms over her family. In the hour of crisis, her love for her husband Joe will face the ultimate test.

Actors: Sofia Vassilieva, David Cubitt, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Patricia Arquette

Minutes: 5356

Format: DVD Region 4

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Region 4


Sofia Vassilieva, David Cubitt, Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, Patricia Arquette


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