Mr Moon Volume 4 Sunnys Funnies DVD | Region 4

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You know Mr Moon. We all do. Just look out your window at night there he is! Climbing up his ladder and taking his place in the star-studded, indigo sky.

But have you ever wondered what Mr Moon does when he is not shining down on us? Well that, my friends, is where our stories begin.

SUNNYS FUNNIES: Left alone to baby-sit Sigma, Sunny makes up a funny story about tow Space Pirates Draco the Dreadful and Captain Great Bear.

DRACO AND THE COMET: A little comet is tickling everyone, especially Draco, but why? It turns out that he is trying to communicate. After Draco gives him a breath star, he communicates by drawing signs with his glittery tail.

SHOW AND TELL: Sunny involves Mr Moon, Silva, Stella and Gold Star in a wonderful Show and Tell.

SURPRISE PLAN: Mr Moon, Stella, Silva, Sunny and Gold Star discover it is Anyolds birthday and decide to throw him a surprise birthday party! Only to find out that aliens can have many birthdays in a year!

Actors: Jamie Bloch, Gage Munroe, Graeme Jokic, Robert Tinkler

Minutes: 49

Format: DVD Region 4

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Region 4


Jamie Bloch, Gage Munroe, Graeme Jokic, Robert Tinkler


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