NBA Hardwood Classics Dazzling Dunks / NBA Courtside Comedy DVD | Region 4

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DAZZLING DUNKS AND BASKETBALL BLOOPERS: This one’s a ball to watch again…and again…and again! Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers features past and present superstars of the NBA in their most glorious–as well as their most embarrassing–moments. It includes:
Slam Dunks, from the ridiculous to the sublime
Daffy dribbles
Spectacular shots
Sweeping swats
Off the wall calls
Spats and spills galore!

Hosted by sports caster and blooper aficionado Marv Albert and the colourful ex-coach of the Utah Jazz, Frank Layden, this hilarious collection of dunks and clunks will make you delirious!

COURTSIDE COMEDY: Hosted by Ahmad Rashad–Even the greatest athletes in the world have their off-moments. NBA players are known for their power and grace, but with 1189 games played each NBA regular season, there are bound to be some events that weren’t in the coaches’ game plan. NBA Courtside Comedy captures the funniest moments. Cameras and microphones take you on an all access search to find the NBA’s most humorous and unbelievable moments:
Flubbed passes, shots, dunks and dribbles
Tongue-tied announcers
Shots from out of this world
Locker room pranks
Airborne mascots
Up-close and personal conversations from players, coaches and referees
Fanatic fans!
It’s a full court of funny and amazing NBA action!

Actors: Frank Layden, Marv Albert

Minutes: 83

Format: DVD Region 4


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