NBA Hardwood Classics Michael Jordan Airtime DVD | Region 4

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Michael Jordan Air Time is a unique look at one of sport’s most celebrated stars. Interweaving Jordan’s spectacular on-court highlights with an intimate look at his life off the court, Michael Jordan Air Time vividly depicts the life of a basketball icon.

Relive Jordan’s drive for a second NBA Championship. Travel with him to Portland, Monaco and Barcelona as part of the Olympic Dream Team. See him in the locker room, on the golf course and at home with his family and friends. Hear Jordan’s own insights, share his triumphs and his deepest-felt concerns, and come to understand–as never before–what it is like to live the life of an international superstar.

Featuring original music by one of today’s hottest young composer/producers, Bernard Belle, Michael Jordan Air time blends game action and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to capture Michael Jordan–the player and the person–as he’s never seen before.

Actors: Michael Jordan

Minutes: 50

Format: DVD Region 4


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