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Unlike Jackass, the Nitro Circus guys actually are professionals. But that doesnt mean they got all their marbles because they dont. Jackass producers Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville and Trip Taylor team up with Travis Pastrana, Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle to deliver the first televised season of Nitro Circus on MTV. Travis Pastrana, legendary freestyle motocross pro and nine-time X Games gold medallist, has built an empire (not to mention his own private playland) doing what was previously thought to be impossible and almost always unadvisable. Whether it is jumping out of an airplane without a parachute or being the first rider to ever double-back-flip a motorbike, Pastrana knows no bounds. Joining him on this latest stunt-fuelled fest of bad ideas and good times are childhood friend and pro mountain biker Jim DeChamp, washed up pro motocross rider and loud-mouth Andy Bell, pro motocross racer Jolene Van Vugt, professional skier/base jumper Erik Roner, and husky construction worker/stunt dummy Streetbike Tommy. Together, the tight-knit crews hilariously intense and irrational rivalries make Nitro Circus the most entertaining trainwreck of a show to slam onto the television airwaves in years.

Actors: Streetbike Tom, Jolene Van Vugl, Jim DeChamp, Travis Pastrana, Erik Roner, Andy Bell

Minutes: 284

Format: DVD Region 4

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Region 4


Streetbike Tom, Jolene Van Vugl, Jim DeChamp, Travis Pastrana, Erik Roner, Andy Bell


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