Prodigal Son: Season 1 | Tom Payne | 4 Discs | Region B

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Tom Payne
Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) is a gifted criminal psychologist. His father, Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), is the infamous serial killer known as “The Surgeon”. As a child, Malcolm was responsible for enabling the police to arrest his father and has not seen his father in ten years after joining Quantico. Now a profile, formerly with the FBI (until he was fired) and currently consulting for the New York Police Department, Malcolm is forced to confront his father after a copycat serial killer uses Whitly’s methods of killing. He finds himself drawn back into constant contact with his father as he must both use Whitly’s insights to help his longtime mentor, NYPD Detective Gil Arroyo (Lou Diamond Phillips) and the police solve particularly horrible crimes and battle his own inner demons.

Running time: 880 minutes approx.

Blu-ray Region B


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