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Ok Trendsetter……This is it! The perfect gift for Dad!

This is Rodney Rude blazing across the stage and coming at you live in your lounge room with a huge crock of over the top comedy, served up with generous lashings of verbal manure and good old bad taste. And he’s brought with him his side-kick mate Rodney Half-Rude followed up the rear by Harry Muff, the Diver.

1. Rude at the Lonestar Tavern
2. You Know What I Hate
3. Rude & Mick in Goal
4. Japanese Tourist
5. Stock Taking
6. Huge Blowfly
7. The Whistler
8. Harry Roots Portrait
9. Eliphantitace
10. Politicians in the 80s
11. Half Rude Levitates
12. Ill Fitting Suit
13. Meggsy
14. Rude on a camping trip
15. 2012 Clips From Wrong Hole
16. Audience Limerick Singing
17. 2012 Clips From Wrong Hole



Format: DVD Region 4


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