State Of Origin Mighty Nineties Complete Collection DVD | 20 Disc | Region 4

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It is regarded by many commentators as the pinnacle of Rugby League – the highest standard of representative football. Is has provided our game with some of its greatest moments, as generations of fans have borne witness to incredible feats of skill and courage.

The phenomenon that almost never was. By the late 1970s, traditional interstate matches between Queensland and New South Wales were losing relevance, cashed-up Sydney teams were attracting the best players from north of the Tweed River, who soon found themselves pitted against fellow Queenslanders from the less-lucrative BRL premiership. Sensing a decline in the spectacle QRL supremo Senator Ron McAuliffe and his NSWRL counterpart Kevin Humphreys developed a revolutionary plan. Players would be selected based on their origin and the “State of Origin” concept was born.

Now, step back in time and witness every action packed moment from the 90’s! Relive the passionate showdown between a fired up Wally Lewis and towering Mark Geyer, when emotions boiled over. Follow the emergence of the greatest coach in NSW history, as Phil Gould takes the reigns in 1992, leading his team to glory. Reminisce over the “miracle” try where the Steeden passed through no less than ten sets of hands before Mark Coyne famously stole victory from almost certain defeat. Re-experience one of the more fabled moments in origin history where the code-word “cattledog” triggered an all-in brawl in the 1997 series, all these moments and many many more are included in this Mighty 90’s Collection.


Minutes: 2400

Format: DVD Region 4


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