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Starring Rose McGowan Amy Smart and Nick Stahl Dead Awake is a seductive supernatural thriller set against the backdrop of a ten year old tragedy.
Dylan O’Rourke (Nick Stahl) is a young man living in a state of depression after suffering the loss of both of his parents in one fateful night ten years prior. Unable to cope with the weight of his guilt Dylan retracts from society walks away from his girlfriend Natalie (Amy Smart) and is unable to bring himself to visit his parents’ grave. He becomes a recluse working in perhaps the most depressing environment of all – a Funeral Home.
While overseeing the funeral of an old high school friend fate takes its course and he comes face to face with Natalie. His boss – a burly Undertaker named Dekko (keenly played by unknown Brian Lynner) pushes him to stage his own funeral to see who would show up. He tells Dylan “You can tell a man’s character by who shows up at his funeral.” Sadly just two people show; Natalie and a crack junkie named Charlie Scheel (Rose MCGowan in her strongest performance yet) and the lives of these three
characters are transformed by supernatural forces as Dylan discovers that no one is who they seem to be.

Actors: Kim Grimaldi, Ben Marten, Amy Smart, Rose McGowan, Nick Stahl

Minutes: 89

Format: DVD Region Free

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Region Free


Kim Grimaldi, Ben Marten, Amy Smart, Rose McGowan, Nick Stahl


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