Plastic Memories: Part 1 DVD | Anime | Region 4

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DVD Region 4

From the writer of “Steins;Gate”, Naotaka Hayashi, comes an original love story! Tsukasa Mizugaki is a recent hire of the SAI Corporation, renown for its production and management of androids capable of feeling human emotions called “Giftia”. Assigned to the terminal service department, Tsukasa is tasked with recovering Giftias who are nearing their expiration from their owners before they corrupt. But in this dead end department, Tsukasa is about to meet Isla, a female Giftia. Beneath her quiet exterior, she was once known as the best in Giftia retrievals and Tsukasa is determined to find out why she stopped.

Actors: Not Specified

Director: Not Specified

Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Running time: 168 mins approx

Discs: 2


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